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25th-Apr-2009 03:49 pm - Mother Mother
I was uploading it for a friend of mine, so I thought that I could share it here too, 'cause I really like this band and it's kinda obscure. Links are in Megaupload, 'cause mediafire hates me now ;__;


  1. O My Heart
  2. Burning Pile
  3. Body of Years
  4. Try to Change
  5. Wisdom
  6. Body
  7. Ghosting
  8. Hayloft
  9. Wrecking Ball
  10. Arms Tonite
  11. Miles
  12. Sleep Awake

  1. Dirty Town
  2. Polynesia
  3. Angry Sea
  4. Oh Ana
  5. Legs Away
  6. Love and Truth
  7. Train of Thought
  8. Verbatim
  9. Neighbour
  10. Ball Cap
  11. Tic Toc
  12. Touch Up
  13. Little Hands

This is how I was dressed on my studniówka~! But my dress was dark red (ps killed the color D:)
It was funny party, although I didn't dance (not even once... LULZME). I don't know how it works but I feel dizzy when music is too loud xDD It feels like I were empty inside and every little vibe/sound wave goes through me... well, I'm special xD
I'm not eating my pills (which are supposed to get my blood pressure higher) ever again! I've drunken only one glass of champaign and not even 1/3 of juice mixed up with vodka and I ended up having hallucinations ~_~ Some of my delusions:
- smiling street signs (but only the ones with arrows)
- tree-people (I mean trees that wave their hand at you)
- big dead spiders
- bus which I was in changed into plane, but airstrip above us not below O.o'
- the imaginary paper which was chasing me
Now I wonder how these pills can act like that... I mean there weren't written these kind of side effects on leaflet xD
And I've never felt so asocial as now... But I like this feelng :D
15th-Nov-2008 03:13 pm(no subject)
Today's entry is sponsored by........ MEGAUPLOAD!

(yes, it does... bwahaha...)

1. I don't have much time right now, 'cause I'm writing stupid thing about rhetoric and I just found out that I've misread topic and I must write it up again (what makes me wanna cut my wrists ;__;)... Way to go >.> So sorry when I'm not answering or something... just... you know how it is... "Life will kill you".

2. I don't want to go on studniówka, but I've already paid for it (i'm such a idiot >.<)

3. Jacek Kaczmarski = awesomeness

4. I've uploaded some Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra's albums forfalseaidoru


(they look like that and they're still great xD)

Ska Para Tojou
stompin' on down beat alley
Wild Peace
22nd-Oct-2008 05:22 pm - 'I'm gonna hug you'
It's totally hilarious how much I procrastinate... No, 'hilarious' is not good word.
Soo... Once again I don't have anything to write about and I'm just hoping that a topic will appear from nowhere. I'm pathetic. So maybe I will write random thoughts from this week:
1. Polish politicians are retarded. That's the rule without exception.
2. I fail at estimating my notes. In two exams I thought I'm gonna get 2 but I've got 4 instead.
3. Emotional exhibitionism is amusing.
4. My life is hopeless, 'cause I don't remember anything funny what happened to me.
5. My german class is retarded.
I've watched today 2 episodes of House MD (ep. 15 and 16 from 3rd Season). Kudos for House to pretend he has brain cancer to get high xDDD and I laughed hard when Chase said to House: "I'm sorry you're dying. I'm gonna hug you" xDDD and the dialogue with Cameron was also brilliant, I especially liked:
H: 20 seconds. Pretty good.
C: For what?
H: Time it took you to go from hard-ass to human being.
In episode 17th there were also some funny dialogues like:
Cuddy: Did you just take two Vicodin?
House: No. It was an antidepressant. I was told to take two every time you walked into the room.
And it was also awesome when House said to patient something like: "John, John, we're gonna figure out what's wrong with you. First we need to know one thing: Have you ever appeared in any pornos?" xDDD
And now it's time to give you some leftover music :]


1집 Dear Cloud

1. 너에겐 위로가 되지 않을
2. 얼음요새
3. 그럴수만 있다면
4. 넌 아름답기만 한 기억으로
5. 안녕, 보물들
6. 꿈
7. 같은 사람
8. 그 다락방이 그립습니다
9. Cloud Avenue
10. Words
11. 가시
12. Fly, Fly, Fly


Dear Cloud didn't impress me, but it's not that bad either. Just another korean band like many other.


2집 Skylab

1. Air Trip
2. 고양이와 나
3. 7월의 이파네마소녀
4. Midnight Moment
5. Tango Toy
6. Fragile Days
7. 어느 날 Pt 1
8. Discoid
9. Last Smile
10. 다시 내게
11. 선인장
12. Sweet
13. 어느 날 Pt 2
14. Ela (Bajo De La Luna)
15. 그녀에게 말하다
16. Phantom (Hidden Track)


I don't listen to Casker much, which is shame, 'cause they deserve more love ;) I don't know how to describe their music... Last.fm tags say: electronic, lounge, pop. And I found out just now that one of their songs is on Coffee Prince's 1st Shop OST O_o'
11th-Oct-2008 11:30 am - Life will kill you
Okay... not that I have anything to write about XD I'm just procrastinating again ;) and I have weird premonition that if I won't stop doing it, despite my amazing intelligence I will fail at final exams at school but I still don't care that much xD Somehow I don't feel that this year is so important for me... although I have random panic attacks, but I totally ignore it and I'm not even trying to pull myself together .__. Well, I'm hopeless X.x On the other hand I tend to be overambitious in irrelevant matters like learning over 100 Latin maxims in one day. Way to go xD
And lately I've became kinda annoyed by me being such no-life. Until now my antisocial attitude was something I was even proud of, but well l think I'm just getting bored, 'cause nothing really interesting happens lately @.@ And I regret that I didn't go on BAKA (polish manga and anime convention), I have strange urge to go on some convention lately, but well even if the occasion will occur, probably I will either resign or the other circumstances will refrain me from going.
Nah... [time for self-censoring] stop emoing.
I've got some things to share (I uploaded it for other people, but I don't want links to waste), so let's go: (sorry for not posting tracklist in osts, but I'm lazy)


It's one of my favorite dramas (although I didn't managed to watch it to the end, summer was way too short xD) thanks to psycho_glam:D It have awesome music, so even if someone haven't seen it, he/she should download it :P


200 pounds beauty was really funny movie (I kinda like movies which include plastic surgeries, dunno why xD) and I liked the songs from it too.

Nell (넬)


3.Thank You
4.Selfish Love
6.피터팬은 죽었다
7.부서진 입가에 머물다
8.몽중인의 현실 체험기
11.Last Advice
12.One Time Bestseller


One of the first korean bands I've known, definetly worth trying it out, especially if you're not familar with k-rock ^.^

Ok, that's all for now.

3rd-Jul-2008 09:13 pm - Time for sex change? xD
[ ] You love hoodies.
[½] You love jeans.
[ ] Dogs are better than cats.
[x] Its hilarious when people get hurt.
[x] You've played with/against boys on a team.
[x] Shopping is torture.
[x] Sad movies suck.
[ ] You own a XBOX.
[ ] You own a Wii.
[ ] You played with Hot Wheels as a little kid.
[ ] At some point in life you wanted to be a firefighter.
[ ] You owned a DS PS2 or Sega.
[ ] You used to be obsessed with Power Rangers.
[x] You watch sports on TV.
[x] Gory movies are cool.
[ ] You go to your dad for advice.
[ ] You own like a trillion baseball hats.
[ ] You used to/do collect football collector cards.
[ ] Baggy sweatpants are cool to wear.
[½] Its kind of weird to have sleepovers with a bunch of people.
[x] Green, black, red, blue, or silver are one of your favorite colors.
[ ] You love to go crazy and not care what other people think.
[ ] Sports are fun.
[½] You talk with food in your mouth.
[ ] You sleep at night with your socks on.
[x] You have fished at least once.
Total: 9½

[ ] You love to shop.
[½] You wear eyeliner. {I had it once... does it count? XD}
[ ] You wear the color pink.
[ ] You go to your mom for advice.
[ ] You consider cheer leading a sport.
[ ] You hate wearing the color black.
[ ] You like going to the mall.
[ ] You like getting manicures and/or pedicures.
[ ] You like wearing jewelry.
[ ] You cried watching The Notebook.
[ ] Skirts are a big parts of your wardrobe.
[ ] Shopping is one of your favorite hobbies.
[ ] You don't like the movie Star Wars.
[ ] You are/were in gymnastics.
[ ] It takes you around one hour to shower.
[x] You smile a lot more than you should. {'cause I shouldn't smile at all xDD}
[ ] You have more than 10 pairs of shoes.
[x] You care about what you look like.
[ ] You like wearing dresses when you can.
[ ] You like wearing body spray/perfume.
[ ] You like high heel shoes.
[½] You used to play with dolls as a kid.
[ ] You like putting makeup on others.
[ ] You like being the star of almost everything.
[ ] Pink is one of your favorite colors.
Total: 3
8th-Apr-2008 06:10 pm - 「飲み過ぎた」
Just not to must look at the previous entry I will serve you a music, which I don't really like, but I uploaded it on mediafire for various reasons.
Oh, I see happiness in your eyes~!
So, here we go ^_____^

  1. Mazochi

  2. Metamor last page-short ver-

(I don't quite remember how it sounds, but it has many downloads [maybe because of name XD])


  1. cosmic tourists

  2. taiyou ni te wo nobashite

  3. wonder wish

  4. rain knell

  5. ikiterumama

  6. flight advisor

(as far as I remember that was good)


  1. patchwork

  2. Vermillion


  4. shining

  5. shiroi sokuseki

  6. kowarete iku sekai

(these are only 30-sec samples from ohp [great for ringtones XD])




  2. FAVORITE GAME Yeah! Yeah!

  3. i-SCREAM MACHINE karaoke


Haru Yurara single

  1. Cherry Blossom Road

  2. Freedom



  1. Shower

(it's quite good, but the vocalist has specific voice^^')

Love Psychedelico

  1. Standing Bird

  2. Free World

  3. Unchained

  4. Green

  5. Dry Town

  6. O

  7. I will be with you

  8. Days of Days Over You

  9. Waltz

  10. You Ate It

  11. Life goes on

  12. California

  13. Neverland

  14. A Day For You

(I just love this one *___* especially "O" ^.^)



  1. U

  2. B.D.H.

  3. gose on


  5. wander

  6. BLAME ME!!

  7. SHOES

  8. Pitfall


  10. my pet theory


(another great band^^)


  1. METALLY (イナズマ開放区99℃ mix) download

  2. METALLY (そーだろーmix) download

(I can listen to them, but I can't look at them -.-')

My Chemical Romance

  1. My Way Home Is Through You download

  2. Kill all your friends download

(I don't even like them >.<)


  1. Mushroom download

(OMG! This song is great... so funny lyrics ^___^)

abingdon boys school

  1. Via Dolorosa download

(so-so... I like their other songs better)

The Curse Breakers

  1. Be my dementor download

(haha... wizard rock = lulz... this song made my Valentine's Day XDD)


  1. Love Romance download

(I don't remember that one -.-')

華族 (Kazoku)

  1. ukigumo download

(another one I don't remember XD)

Jack Off Jill

  1. Bruises Are Back in Style download

(JoJ is funny XD)

Yui Tohma

  1. Pride download

  2. Yoake Umarekuru Shoujo download

  3. Kibou no Karera download

  4. Lucy download

  5. Passion download

(these are karaoke made by my sister Yui XD although quality is hmmm... just could be better, I'm sharing it anyway XD)
30th-Mar-2008 11:56 am - TEH WALLS HAVE A PERIOD!
nah... stupid lack of time >.< But I feel sudden urge to post something here. That just running away from learning (6 exams in 2 days - hooray for hardcore), but who cares? Tomorrow I have history, german and polish (but we want to boycott polish XD) :/
Okay... no one wants to listen about things like that, 'cause SCHOOL ISN'T COOL XDD That was quote from awesome Silent Hill parody, that made my day (rather night) yesterday^^ Check it NOW!!!!
Movie Parody:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Silent Hill 2 & 4 parody:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14
and two fatal frame trailer's on top of that: (But you still have your pride XD)
Fatal Frame 2 Trailer Dub
Fatal Frame 3 Trailer Dub
hahaha... this is just win XDDDD
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